Mireia Flores : Lead vocals & acoustic guitars
Toni M. Ferrer : Guitar
Joan M. M. Ferrer : Bass
Alberto Collazo : Drums

Music & lyrics by Ombra
Produced by Toni Salvà (Diorama Sound) & Ombra
Recorded and mixed by Toni Salvà at Diorama Sound (Mallorca)
Mastering by Manuel Colmenero at Sonobox Producciones Musicales (Madrid)
Design and artwork by Iker Cortabarria.
Edited by: Flor y Nata Records

Guest artists
Raúl Morán: Trombone
Jaume Blázquez: Trumpets
Jorge Solano: Cello

Thanks to
Everybody who supported us to make this happen. Specially to Toni Salvà for working hard like if he was just another member of Ombra’s band. We love you.

(c) & (p) Ombra by Flor y Nata Records


Walk up the walls (2018)

Fecha de lanzamiento : 16 febrero, 2018
Formato : CD

Segundo LP de Ombra